About Hart 🇨🇦

Hart Apparel is an exploration of the human spirit through fabric and print. Founded in July of 2018 with the sole mission of bringing a deeper storyline to the streetwear scene, our focus lies on manufacturing premium apparel with our signature visuals.


Everything we create embraces the concept of slow fashion and is made with the greatest consideration for people and the planet. 


Local production of limited pieces allows us to not only minimize waste, but also support our community, and have more overall creative control. 


Things evolve, we too, move forward. Building on the theme of unity, community, and self-discovery through art and culture, we make clothes that celebrate this energy. 

What made In Canada means to us

At Hart Apparel we value the high quality local craftsmanship around us. We are committed to providing Canadian Made apparel that travels no more than 100km before getting to us! We're constantly trying to minimize our impact on the environment and support fair working conditions for everyone who works to make Hart Apparel what it is. All of our Hartifacts are made right on site, in Kitchener, meaning we can keep the batch sizes small ensuring no wasted products.